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  • Bonus 1: Workouts Guide (E-book)- In this book, we’ll discover how a unique type of resistance band called the resistance loop band can make your workouts even more effective.
  • Bonus 2: An e-book that reveals step by step advice on how to lose weight steadily, healthily, sustainably, and pretty fast, without sacrificing your appetite, well-being or sanity. It’s about cutting out the rubbish and making you fit, healthy, and helping you feel energized and good about yourself. 
  • Bonus 3: ''Lean Muscle Nutrition''How The Right Foods Can Help You To Get Results In The Long Term. You may be working hard at the gym or home gym but the wrong foods can ruin everything.  It’s also about learning to take better care of yourself. You have to learn to make long-term lifestyle changes. These will sustain you in your efforts and in your overall health.


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1- Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most beneficial ferments for your gut and overall health.  It can help reduce many different health conditions including foot fungus, digestive disorders, liver function, skin conditions and more! 

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*Note, the actual product can not be sold outside of the US, but you can still access the incredible books they have written for a very little fee (I think $7.00).  It's well worth it! 


2- Most people who try a new diet do it without a plan.

They understand the rules: the foods they can and can’t eat. They even have a variety of quality recipes at their fingertips.

But what they DON’T have is a day-by-day plan to carry them through that critical first month.

Without a plan, it’s easy for them to be swayed by peer pressure. It’s easy for them to be unprepared… and then make bad decisions just because it’s easier.

That’s why we put together…

The 28-Day Keto Challenge is a well-crafted plan to get you through the first month.

You get a 28-day meal plan to guide you every step of the way. You’re never left to figure things out on your own. Nothing is left to chance.

Simply follow the plan and you WILL succeed.

And it’s more than a plan. It’s also a challenge. It’s designed to stretch you, to see what you’re really capable of.

(Not to worry… With the proper guidance, you can do more than you think!)

When you sign up for the 28-Day Keto Challenge, you’ll get a full 28-Day Meal Plan, which includes 7 guides to educate and encourage you on the way…