Who is Richard Major

As a kid, I was chubby, bullied, insecure, I never loved myself. 
But I made a drastic change. 
I decided to love myself.
And I did this through literally looking myself into my eyes and telling my soul every day, 8 times per day, "Richard, I love you!"
This simple practice changed my entire world!
I started in martial arts, became a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and then began my Muay Thai Kickboxing, boxing, judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu adventures. 
After competing in Thailand in my early 20's, I began managing GNC Nutrition Center- the largest supplement and nutrition centre in the world. 
Finding an interest in supplements, I graduated in 2008 from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, followed by a Personal Trainers Certification from the International Sports Sciences Association as well as a diploma as a Rehabilitation Assistant.
I have now reached the level that I desired in order to help others live their best lives.
My mission is to help those who want to start exercising and eating healthy, but just don't have the confidence, knowledge or abilities to make it happen.
Knowing that you need to make a health change and actually doing it are two totally different things. 
Major Living is here to help facilitate well-being in a fast paced world.