Prime Spirulina

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About Spirulina

Spirulina is a blue-green micro algae. It's one of those miracles on Earth that have the ability to aid our health in so many ways.  
Because of the structure of the cell wall, which contains GLA (fat) and unique, highly absorbable proteins*, the nutrients are very easy to digest and assimilate.
For anyone who is overweight, diabetic, hypoglycemic, arthritic, cancerous, or having any degenerative condition, Spirulina has been shown to be very beneficial because of the pure quality of the protein.
For athletes, Spirulina is credited for strengthening body tissue and making connective tissue more elastic and resilient.
Spirulina has been credited for detoxifying the kidneys and liver, building and enriching your blood, cleansing the arteries, enhancing intestinal flora and inhibits the growth of fungi, bacteria, and yeasts.
*Spirulina is 85% absorbable vs beef which is at 20%
Comes in powder or tablet form

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